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Come Play With Us at the Teddy Bear Emporium - the bear and toy shop that offers a great selection of teddy bears and their 'stuffed friends' as well as dolls, toys, games and more! We are located in the heart of one of Lancaster County's most historic small towns, Lititz, Pa. at 47 East Main Street - you'll see Bart the Bear on the bench out front - Come, give him a hug!

Whether you're a collector, buying a gift or just a 'Kid at Heart' - we've got 'stuff' for you. We carry a complete line of Steiff, Gund, Mary Meyer, North American Bear (including Muffy), Douglas and Folkmanis Puppets - just to name a few.

For the Doll, Toy and Game Lover we have Uglydoll, Yottoy Books and Characters, Melissa & Doug Puzzles, Corolle Dolls and Accessories, Calico Critters, Mighty World, and other great toys and games by International Playthings and Alex.

Careful budgeting, attention to cash flows and expenses management can allow you to generate small surpluses that can be used to build a business. It may be in the form of additional equipment, personnel, looking at new avenues of business or collaboration with other entrepreneurs. All this will require additional finance that can come from lenders who will have to be convinced of the soundness of your proposals. Demonstrating proper financial control which contributed directly to a direct increase in our business credit growth and an appropriate knowledge of the market and production processes will help in this. It is essential that you maintain adequate records that can pass the scrutiny of auditors as lenders will insist on this before they are willing to commit any finance.

An idea that has recently been used by many small businesses is to ask for crowdfunding over the Internet. Crowdfunding requires that you can convince people or viewers of your website of the soundness of your business and any proposal to expand the company. Targets need to be set, and the money returned in case they are not met. Care has to be taken to see that you do not lose control over a business as you will be offering its equity to people willing to finance you.

Loans are also easily available if you have some assets of your business that you can pledge as collateral. The risk here is that if your growth plans do not succeed you are likely to lose all your property and assets and be back where you started. Expansion plans must always be taken with a lot of thought and only after an existing business is firmly established in the market.

With our variety of bears, toys, games and dolls - we're sure that you'll find just the right thing. It is impossible, though, to show you our entire inventory, so if you're looking for something that's not listed, please don't hesitate to email or give us a call, we'll be happy to help you with your request.

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